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Reading with my dog

Reading with my dog is my favorite thing. I read with her outside, inside and all over. we are kicking goals !! ?? i really recommend reading with your dog it's super fun!!??? Reading with your dog is pretty fun because you don't feel lonely. lauren states "reading with your dog is...

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blog post #1 – choose your own adventure! ??

HEY swaggyBLOGGERS!! welcome to the sick blog posts! ?? today we will be discussing some very fun and engaging books; CHOOSE YOUR OWN EVER AFTER SERIES!! Choose your own Ever After stories is a suitable book for everyone! For younger children, it is a exciting book and introduces them to a...

What do you look for in a book?

Many things may affect how you decide on a book. One possible contributor is the cover. The cover of a book is an instant indication of whether or whether not you are going to pick up the book. Covers usually have a drawing/cartoon on them or a live action person or...

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