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blog post #1 - choose your own adventure! 😎😎

HEY swaggyBLOGGERS!! welcome to the sick blog posts! 😎😎 today we will be discussing some very fun and engaging books; CHOOSE YOUR OWN EVER AFTER SERIES!!

Choose your own Ever After stories is a suitable book for everyone! For younger children, it is a exciting book and introduces them to a good range of vocabulary. For pre-teens, it’s a good book to read in spare time when you aren’t look for a challenging read but something to cure your boredom. Some adults might even read this series to try and relate to their teenage children!

This series has a book for everyone! From stories about breakups and parties, to school work and sports to animals and friendships, you will be able to find a story you will love💕🙌😁😊. If you haven’t noticed yet, this book is able to adapt to anyone! 👍👍

Overall, this story takes you on a wild and funky adventure full of your own choices and this is why everyone love these books so much!! Many people find reading books boring, however, this book lets you interpret and change story in many different ways instead of imposing one way onto you.

anyways i hope you rave about these crazy books as much as i have! remember to like this blog post and follow me for more amazing content!

love from, @scofinbook 📘📗📕🚂🚂🚂