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How To Stop Zoning Out While Reading

Personally, I have fallen victim to zoning out while reading. Yes, I can admit it, I have forgotten what page I’m reading mid-sentence. I have found some useful habits to stop the vicious cycle so I thought I’d share them.
The Tips:
1. Take a break!
Taking a 2 minute break from reading can be very helpful. Whether it’s just to stretch or to eat some food, it can improve your focus. I do this every 30 or so minutes if I am constantly reading. I would recommend it, although some people find they can’t continue reading afterwards.
2. Drink Water!
Losing focus may be a sign of dehydration. Keep a water bottle near you while you read to quench your thirst whenever necessary.
3. Summarize!
If you cannot remember what you just read try summarize the previous pages. If the chapters of your book are not too large, keep a small paragraph about each one in a notebook so you can reflect when your memory forsakes you.

These are some simple tips that may help you. I hope this blog was useful!



10/10 will try these

23rd Oct, 19
inky State Library Victoria

Great reading tip!

24th Oct, 19