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What do you look for in a book?

Many things may affect how you decide on a book. One possible contributor is the cover.

The cover of a book is an instant indication of whether or whether not you are going to pick up the book. Covers usually have a drawing/cartoon on them or a live action person or object.

Some people like covers with drawings on the cover of the books they read.

Others have a more visual imagination and prefer a real person on the cover because they can then use that person as the main character in their mind.


Personally, I like a simple cover that captures the book, relating to the genre, story and characters. An example of one of my favorite books is Looking for Alibrandi , the cover of this book is just a girl sitting in a cafe. It is simple and captures your attention by allowing you to wonder what the book will be about.



I love the hardcover for Looking for Alibrandi! This is an awesome post!

7th Aug, 19
inky State Library Victoria

I agree! A cover should give you hint but leave room for imagination. But so often when I read a book the cover doesn't "fit" what the book is!

7th Aug, 19

Absolutely! I am not a fan of very pale covers with indistinct imagery. I am drawn to layered images hinting at the complexity/topic of the story.

9th Aug, 19

I like the minimalistic and sleek covers! I also look for good blurbs!

9th Aug, 19

This post is so true because when I pick a book I always judge a book by its cover.

23rd Oct, 19